Career Outreach Grants

The ICPI Board has initiated an outreach program to promote awareness of pathology to the public, media, students, and professional and educational organizations. Among the outreach programs that ICPI has supported since 2004 are:

A high school outreach program designed to provide promotional materials for biology high school teachers to encourage the inclusion of pathology as part of the biology high school curriculum.

A college student program to highlight PhD programs in pathology

A summer research internship program for minority college students

The ICPI Board is interested in receiving other requests (grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, direct costs only) from its member societies to fund outreach programs. Please contact ICPI’s Executive Officer, Dr. Mark Sobel, at your earliest convenience for more details about the application process. Proposals (two page limit including an outline budget) are accepted throughout the year.

Instructions for Submitting Grant Application (pdf file)

ICPI Career Outreach Grant Application (word doc)

For more information about the Career Outreach Grants, contact one of the 5 member organizations.

Last updated: 10/15/2009